As an experienced Massachusetts housing law attorney, the legal team at the Law Offices of Gary M. Abrams are highly skilled and experienced in landlord/tenant legal matters. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, we’re sensitive to the legal issues you may face and can help you resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you’re a tenant, it’s important to be informed about topics such as tenant screening, security deposits, damages vs. normal wear and tear, renter’s insurance, subleasing, breaking a lease, and rent collection. You may also be concerned about such things as no-pets policies, pet deposits, and late charges, as well as the landlord’s right to access the property. If you fall behind on rent or lease payments you may need to consult an attorney with knowledge of Massachusetts eviction laws and tenant rights.

If you’re a landlord, you need to know your legal rights regarding security deposits, pet deposits, tenant screening, subletting, renter’s insurance, rent collection, late fees, and access to property. In addition to the standard rental laws, landlords need to be informed of applicable Massachusetts laws regarding contracts, eviction laws, tenant rights, and the rights of property owners. As a landlord, you have more to lose than the tenant, because of the value of your property and the possibility that the tenant may devalue the property by damaging it. Because we are highly skilled and have experience in landlord/tenant legal services, we can provide the solid protection you need as a landlord with properly-written contracts that are fully compliant and enforceable under Massachusetts state law. If you are a landlord and want to GO IT ALONE, beware….the Housing Court is a very procedural area to practice in and without the proper legal know how, you may find yourself in unchartered waters. Call us! You have nothing to lose. Our legal fees are reasonable. We will explain the procedures involved in the Housing Court. Chances are the tenant has an attorney fighting for them. You need to be prepared just the same. Property managers and property management companies – we are here to help.