Child Support Lawyer for Fathers

A child support lawyer for fathers plays a critical role in securing child custody and visitation rights for divorced fathers. If you’re a central Massachusetts dad going through a divorce and you’re concerned about your child’s welfare and your ability to be involved in their life, you need to a child support lawyer for fathers on your side – attorney Gary M. Abrams.

The special support and guidance that only an experienced child support attorney for fathers can provide in fighting for your rights is second to none.  Hiring Attorney Gary M. Abrams, a seasoned child support lawyer for fathers, is your first positive step to securing a lifetime of having your rights as a father protected.

Attorney Gary M. Abrams provides comprehensive family law services including:

  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Custody
  • Visitation rights

The laws concerning father’s visitation rights can be very complex and often require the help of a skilled family law attorney specializing in father’s rights who can inform you of your rights as the non-custodial parent and help you fight for your rights as a father. At the Law Office of Gary M. Abrams, we specialize in all aspects of family law, including father’s rights. As the law office of an experienced child support lawyer for fathers we’ll help you in your continuing fight to see your children and be a part of their lives as an active father supporting them and their needs.

While a father’s rights attorney can give you the best help and advice, it can still be a difficult battle for dads to get shared custody of kids in a divorce case. By asking us a question or sharing your concerns, we can get you started with free advice from a child support lawyer for fathers who will understand what you need to do, say, and demonstrate in order to convince a family court judge to award you shared custody of your children. Unfortunately, many fathers become frustrated with the courts and are forced to go through an emotional, stressful fight to stay in touch with their children. Some are subjected to false abuse allegations, others experience chronic depression, and many are stripped of their assets beyond reason. If you are a father seeking child custody and access, please contact Attorney Gary M. Abrams and get started with a child support lawyer for fathers for the surrounding communities of central Massachusetts.