Eviction Lawyer in Leominster, Massachusetts

Eviction Lawyer in Leominster, MassachusettsAn eviction lawyer is a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney who has the legal knowledge and knows the legal procedure to represent you in housing law and landlord/tenant relationships. There are times when both a tenant and a landlord could benefit from the counsel of an experienced eviction lawyer in Leominster, Massachusetts and elsewhere in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

If you are a landlord, you better know these terms and the laws- statutes associated with them. Tenancy for a Term, Tenancy at Will, Hold Over Tenant, Chapter 93A, Security Deposit, First and Last months rent, 30-Day Notice to Quit and 14 Day Notice to Quit.

There are times when a landlord is seeking legal relief through an eviction lawyer from a tenant who may not be living up to the terms of his or her contract or may be engaged in illegal activities that would warrant an eviction. An experienced Leominster, Massachusetts eviction lawyer can help you file the right papers and forms necessary to fulfill eviction requirements in court.

It is not unusual for tenants or prospective tenants to accuse a property owner of discrimination. Every accusation does not necessarily warrant hiring a housing lawyer – provided the landlord is diligent in complying with fair housing laws. If a tenant/landlord relationship sours enough to justify eviction, as a landlord you may be better off hiring an eviction lawyer in Leominster, Massachusetts if:

  • this is your first eviction
  • Do you have a written lease that is legally binding? Or do you have an oral lease agreement?
  • your tenant has an eviction lawyer and is prepared to fight eviction
  • Did you file the proper Notice to Quit before beginning the eviction?
  • Did you accept a Security Deposit and if so did you comply with the Security Deposit Laws?
  • Did you properly fill out an file your Summary Process Complaint with the Housing Court?
  • the tenant is filing for bankruptcy
  • there are rent control or housing program regulations you must comply with
  • the tenant is also an employee you’re firing


If you’re a tenant and you’re being evicted by your landlord, you should contact an eviction lawyer in Leominster, Massachusetts if you suspect your landlord is evicting you without proper court procedures or because he or she is discriminating against you for any reason. An experienced eviction lawyer, also known as a housing attorney, can help you fight a termination notice more effectively and come up with creative solutions to your problem that you may not be aware of.

Another reason to hire a housing law attorney is if your landlord refuses to make necessary repairs or maintain the property is such a way as to keep it safe for you and your family. While your situation may not have progressed to the point where you need an eviction lawyer that same attorney is most likely experienced in general housing law and as a housing lawyer can help you win the legal relief you’re seeking.

Tenant/landlord relationships can be complex and stressful for many reasons. While eviction is almost always a last resort, it is not unusual. It’s almost always a good idea for both the tenant and the landlord to hire an eviction lawyer. If you’d like to know more about housing laws in Massachusetts, or to find out more about hiring an eviction lawyer in Leominster, Massachusetts, contact the Law Office of Gary M. Abrams.