Personal injury accident law in Leominster, Massachusetts

Personal injury accident law in Leominster, MassachusettsPersonal injury, tort,  accident law covers a broad range of incidents, events, and products that can cause injury and even death. Legislation in Massachusetts covering personal injury accident law in Leominster, Massachusetts is also known as tort law and provides the ability for an individual to seek legal remedy for any injuries he or she suffered from an incident such as an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident, slip and fall injuries, dog bite injuries and wrongful death accidents. The personal injury accident law system exists to enable an injured party to receive financial compensation for harm done to them as a result of the careless, negligent, or intentional conduct of someone else.

Personal injury accident law in Leominster, Massachusetts and elsewhere in Massachusetts covers three fundamental situations:

Accidents that occur when someone acts in a careless or negligent manner so as to cause harm to another person or persons. These accidents can include things such as slip-and-fall incidents,  car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents and dog bite injuries .

Intentional Acts including situations in which someone deliberately acted in such a way as to endanger others, such as speeding, operating under the influence, using a product or device illegally or recklessly, or even assault and battery.

Defective Products Often a defendant can be found liable for injuries – even when neither negligence nor intentional wrongdoing is involved – if injury results from the use of a defective product.

Personal injury accident law in Leominster, Massachusetts and throughout the state works in variety of ways, is it’s important to obtain counsel from an attorney practicing personal injury accident law. One thing that is important to note is that there is a statute of limitations in Massachusetts that sets a limit on the time during which you can file an injury-related lawsuit. That’s another reason it’s critical to hire a good Leominster, Massachusetts law firm specializing in personal injury accident law.

How does a lawyer get paid when it comes to personal injury cases in Leominster, Massachusetts. In most cases the attorney usually gets paid on a contingency basis which means if you the client do not recover anything, the lawyer gets nothing. In order for the lawyer to get paid, the client must win their case and recover money damages. When the client wins a monetary amount of damages, the lawyer/attorney normally gets paid anywhere from 30 to 33% of the recovery. There are also other fees associated such as costs, court fees, depositions etc. Our free consultation with a Leominster, Massachusetts attorney- lawyer is more than happy to explain all of these details with you during the free consultation.